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  1. Welcome to Barts Radio with you 24h a day!

  2. East London Radio invites you to vote your Top 10 favourite tracks ever to compile a favourite Top 100. Click on the banner to vote!

  3. updates and exciting news coming very soon. stay tuned!

  4. Many congratulations to Claire Brine who ran a Rough Runner race for us in May, and smashed her fundraising target. Well done Claire!!!

  5. We are part of Local Radio Day! This event (26th May) celebrates the partnership that exists between radio stations and their listeners and sets out to demonstrate the difference that local really makes!  Visit the website: localradioday.co.uk

  6. August has been an exciting month for us, with our new Patient magazine now published and copies coming round the wards. Plus we were delighted to welcome Scott Mills, Chris Stark and Greg James from BBC Radio 1, who, with some colleagues, kindly gave some time to volunteer for us.  Some further studio improvements to come and a new imaging package in September

  7. Hello Everyone and welcome to the Barts Radio weekly update.

    We still continue to work on upgrading the studio. There always seems to be something to do, a little bit of painting here and a worktop there.

    The new magazine is nearly ready and we are eagerly awaiting to see the first copy. We are expecting to take delivery of around 3,000 at the end of April.


  8. Having launched our new station in January, we’re now getting regular listeners throughout the week, and particularly during our live shows every Saturday between 10am and 6pm.

    Still a little work to do on our studio room, including dividing it into two rooms so volunteers can relax while a show is underway in the studio.

    We will soon have a new magazine for our listeners, and will drop them round to our listening patients in Barts hospital.


  9. We now have a room from which to broadcast and things are progressing well.
    So far we have painted 2 walls, all our equipment has been moved into our room from storage and CD racks have been built.
    During December we will be having a dividing wall built in the room to create a separate space for

    the studio. We will also be continuing with the decorating and getting the studio ready for the

    launch in January 2016.


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