New Studio!

We now have a room from which to broadcast and things are progressing well.
So far we have painted 2 walls, all our equipment has been moved into our room from storage and CD racks have been built.
During December we will be having a dividing wall built in the room to create a separate space for

the studio. We will also be continuing with the decorating and getting the studio ready for the

launch in January 2016.

There will also be Barts Radio leaflets and magazines available around the hospital common

areas and on the wards. Training of our volunteers on both the wards and radio equipment

will be ongoing.

Regular updates will appear here on our website, so please check back to see how we are

getting on.

Our aim is to help patients pass the time more pleasantly by visiting them on the wards

and producing programmes that are tailored to their needs.

Looking forward to seeing our first page and sharing all your hard work with the everyone.